The Fence is about to Fall Over…

Ever since I started reading about the whole Chick-fil-a deboggle it’s really been bothering me, far more than any other political/religious debate ever has.  I’ve been struggling to understand where this frustration has been coming from, and I think I’ve figured it out.  This is probably gonna lose me from friends (online mostly), but if it does, then that’s probably a good thing, because it means I don’t really know them the way I thought I did…

Much of the defense that I’ve heard from people about supporting Chick-fil-a in their stance on anti-gay marriage falls along the lines of “I don’t have anything against/know lots of/love lots of gay people, but I don’t believe in homosexual marriage, so I’m going to support Chick-fil-a however I can”.  Sorry, folks, but you can’t have it both ways.  The issue with Chick-fil-a is NOT just about homosexual marriage and anyone’s right to speak about it, it is about an organization that actively gives money to anti-gay organizations.  By doing so, this organization has chosen to take an anti-gay stance, not just an anti-gay marriage stance, not that there is much difference between the two, because both hurt gay people.  Yes, they HURT GAY PEOPLE.  They are actively putting money and energy into groups/charities/organizations that fight to limit, defuse, belittle, judge and discriminate against gay people.  And by choosing to spend your money at a business that you know is actively working to harm gays, then you are harming them too, no matter how you try to soften the blow.

No one wants to face this fact.  It’s easier to stay “on the fence”, less conflict there.  Well, the fence is falling over, and will not support that kind of thinking anymore.   In this particular case, the bully has been identified, and those that are being harmed are fighting back, in this case, gays.  Whether you like it or believe it, you ARE choosing a side against gay people. You’re choosing to harm them, no matter how many gay friends you claim to have, how indifferent you claim to be to gay issues, or how much you love them.  The question is, are you willing to face it and change your actions?

Perhaps much of this is simply an act of ignorance, not researching and digging to find the facts that show where Chick-fil-a’s money has gone. Well, the link I provided is an article that takes it’s information directly from the company’s 2009 IRS 990 forms and from the websites of the organizations involved.  Look it up for yourself, please, because if you don’t believe this, and aren’t willing to find out for yourself, then you’re not the person I thought you were.  I suspect you might not even be the person *you* thought you were.

All religions have one basic principle in multiple forms, “Do unto others as you would have done to you”, “And it harm none do as you will” to name a couple.  People can recite any part of any doctrine out there as absolute truth, but if you aren’t living by this basic principle in all areas of your life, you’re not the person you claim to be.

I realize there are people who know me through one medium or another are going to be seriously offended by this post, but I’m willing to accept what consequences come my way.  I have the right of free speech, as does everyone else in this country, and I’m not going to hide behind a cloud of “crying foul” against my religious freedom or freedom of speech because someone disagrees, ridicules or insults me.  Knock yourselves out, I wouldn’t put myself out there like this if I didn’t think I could take it.  I’m sure some will find it easier to hate me and my words than take a good look at themselves, which again, if that’s the case, I’m ok with parting ways.  I’m not going to remove anyone from my FB’s page unless they become truly abusive, because again like everyone else, I have the right to choose who I associate with on any medium and I have the right to protect myself (and my family) from abusive people.

I’m glad I was able to figure this out for myself, come what may.

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