#reverbbroads – I wanna be freeeeeeee…

Come up with a new Constitutional Amendment.

Just one?  Really?  Awwww, come’on…  I wanna rewrite the whole thing!  I can’t?  Well, bummer…

I’ll admit I can’t help but see the irony (or intention?) in having this reverb today when my fellow Wisconsinites are currently engaged in one of the most heated elections our little cheese state has ever seen.  It’s the Battle of the Parties, Republican vs. Democrat, Tea Baggers vs. Liberals, Right vs. Left, Rich vs. Poor, yada yada yada.   Yeah, I’m glad the day is here and voices are being heard, but politics seems to be only one thing that’s horribly f’ed up in our culture.  So, I’m gonna make a little top 10 list of things I think could save this country and everyone in it. 🙂

1.  Anyone choosing to enter a career in politics must wear a state-of-the-art lie detector from the moment they begin campaigning that will scream “Liar! Liar! Pant’s on Fire!” every time they tell a lie. (Wouldn’t that be fun?)

2. From this day forward, all processed, filled with chemicals, made to look pretty in ornate cardboard boxes type foods (this includes anything defined as “fast food”), will quadruple in price, while fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats and egg prices will be reduced by half.  If the produce/meats are purchased locally, price will be reduced an additional quarter and you will get a free steak.

3.  All tax breaks and benefits will go to local farmers, and large corporations will pay back the tax breaks they have gotten since 1984 (how else would #2 be possible?).

4.  There will be only one way to refer to your personal religious choice, as “Mine”.

5.  All vehicles will be solar-powered.  Cloudy/rainy days are considered holidays and everyone will get a paid day off.

6.  All health care will be free/low cost.  Doctors will be given tax breaks to help offset the change in income.

7.   Maternity and paternity leave will be provided by all employers, and will span the first 2 years of the child’s life, paid in full.

8. College is now free to everyone, and anyone with a high school diploma can go.  Teachers will get tax breaks & benefits to offset loss of income.

9.  Since healthcare is free, all health insurance companies will be re-constituted to fix environmental problems.  Need to put all that money they never paid out to good use.

10.  #1 also goes for anyone choosing to be a reporter, news caster or public media presenter.

11.  Good God, people, just be NICE to each other!

Ok, who wants to come live in my country? 😉

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