#reverbbroads – Up, up and Away!

Who are your role models?

Heh, this one is easy.  I have none.  Yes, believe it or not, there is not a single person that I can think of that I “look up” to in a role-model sort of way.  Don’t get me wrong, I know many people that have qualities that I greatly respect and appreciate.  But when I think of the term “role model”, I imagine putting someone on a pedestal, seeing only those things that make them “perfect”.  I’m afraid I’m too much of a realist for that.  I can see wonderful qualities in people, but I also see the imperfections.  You know, they are those things that make us human.

Our culture puts so much emphasis on perfection of all kinds, whether it’s through intelligence, looks, manners or wealth.  The people I hold in highest esteem are the ones that are comfortable and content to show everything that they are, whether seen as good or bad by our society. When it comes to people in any sort of spotlight, I tend to doubt what I’m actually seeing.  So much of what we view by media is orchestrated to suit one purpose or another, usually for the purpose of making money.  So for me to pick a role model out of anyone famous (and thus, out of my means of getting to know them),  just isn’t going to happen.

I can’t think of anyone who has affected my life in such a manner that I would see them as something “up and above” myself or others.  But like I said, there are those I hold deep appreciation and respect for.  And really, this title holds true to anyone I call Friend. 🙂

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