#reverbbroads11 – Oooo, shiney!

Write about the things you collect, include photos, tell why these items are cherished by you.

I’ve been putting off doing this prompt because I don’t have any pictures of my collected items, and procuring one would require getting a bunch of them in one place, taking the picture, getting in online, yada yada yada.  Well, still don’t have a picture, so it’s just gonna have to go without an image of my stuff.

I’m not a big “collector” really.  I don’t tend to attach sentimentally to objects I guess.   There’s lots of things I like, just don’t really feel a need to have more than one of.  It probably doesn’t help that I hate to shop, for anything.  But if I had to pick something, I would say I collect stones and crystals.  I’ve got quite a nice little collection, yet not nearly as complete as I’m sure others have attained.  We’ve even started the Ronanmeister on his own collection this year.  I utilize them for various energy work, as charms to bring specific energies into my life (or others if they ask), remove negative energies, etc.  They’re used a lot in my spiritual practice.  And of course, they’re just damn pretty 🙂

Can’t say I “cherish” my stones, although I do have some that are my favorites over others.   I just find them useful (and did I mention pretty?).

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