#reverbbroads11 – You Bought Me What???

Name your top 5 best holiday gifts given or received. Who gave it to you? Who were you giving it to? Why was it memorable?

Is it sad that I can’t remember most of the gifts I’ve been given or given to others?  Yeah, probably…

One good thing about this prompt and being born on 12/25 is that I cannot remember which gifts were given as Christmas or birthday presents, so I get to choose from a larger pool of holiday gifts than most.  Yeah, that’s my story I’m sticking to it…

I can only remember 3 gifts given to me that are stuck in my memory, and all of them come from childhood.  The first is a gigantic stuffed bear that (I think) my sister gave to me for Xmas when I was about 5.  I remember it was difficult to see in the box, so when I took it out I had grabbed it by the fur on it’s belly and dangled it for a bit until my eyes figured out what they were looking at.  I slept for years on that bear.  Yes, I said “on”, because the bear was as big as I was and I only had a twin-sized bed.

The second was a “little professor” electronic math game that “my mom” gave me for Xmas about the same time as the bear.  It sticks in my memory because I remember finding it in a cupboard about a month before Xmas.  My mom was so mad at me for finding it (I wasn’t snooping, I was looking for something else and ran across it, really!).  But then Xmas came, and by that time I had completely forgotten about it.  I got to be surprised all over again, as well as amused that I had forgotten all about it.

The third was a gift given to me by my mom when I was about 12.  I remember hearing scary stories from my friends at school about how evil Ouija boards were (can’t remember why we were even talking about such things in school…).  So one day I decided to ask my mom if she knew what they were.  “Oh yes, we used to have one when I was a kid.  They are lots of fun!”.  Although baffled by this response, I took it in and moved along…

Then came Xmas…  I remember opening my gift and a feeling a shock and utter fear flooded over me when I gazed upon a brand new Parker Bros. Ouija board of my very own.  I didn’t know what to think, but being the fearless kid that I was when it came to the paranormal, I choose to try it out anyway.  Now, those that know me know that I’m a big defender of the Ouija board these days.  I think the board has gotten a bad rep thanks to the manner by which it has been promoted, as a board game for shits and giggles.  It’s really a divination tool that requires proper use and respect.  I know I sit in the minority in this view, so I won’t divulge into it further.   But that one gift helped open up my mind to learning more about the supernatural and paranormal, and helped start a life long interest in the subject.  So, thanks Mom!

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