#reverbbroads11 – There’s this thing called the “wheel”…

Self-Portrait: Post a picture of you that you like, write about yourself, post a video – what do you want your self-portrait to say about you?

Training the next generation.

Ya know, I’m completely at a loss…  I really dislike writing bios for myself (guess I should’ve added that to my list of least favorite things…).  I’ve been on the Interwebz since 1995, numerous years filled with personal webpages, blogs, social networks, chat rooms, etc etc etc.  I’ve written so many “get to know me” pages that I can’t bring myself to do one more.  To get to know me, in the online sense, is as simple as friending me on Facebook or following me on Twitter.  I’m pretty out there with my life, so either are pretty good windows into my world.

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