#reverbbroads11 – Musical computers anyone?

What are three things you are better at than most people?

Note to self, don’t ask the hubby what he thinks I do better than average.  You get responses like “You annoy me more than anyone else.”, “You’re more stubborn than average.”, in jest of course.  I suspect this is the kind of “in jest” that occurs when my reaction is gauged.  You know, when someone says something rude or insulting, and then only after they see your reaction they tell you they were only joking and to relax?  Yeah, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  My hubby is very lucky he’s cute sometimes…

I could only think of 2 things that I think I do better than the average bear, but maybe after I’m done writing about them I’ll think of a third…

My memory soars back to my senior year in high school, pondering that forever asked question “What are you going to do with your life?”.  At the time, I honestly had no clue.  There were very few things that I felt I could make a career out of, and even less that I felt I excelled at.  I’m sure some of that was low self-esteem (when you’re told how stupid you are on a regular basis, you tend to believe it eventually), but part of it was also a general lack of “super powers”.   It took many years before I came to realize what my talents were, primarily because my area of expertise wasn’t easily accessible yet.

My one true super power is computers, and just about anything with them.  From the moment I sent my first email, I knew I was gonna help “develop the internet”.  The email was on an Astronomy email discussion list with a fellow college student in North Carolina, debating the logistics behind the “moon illusion” (can’t believe I still remember that…). I had my first (and only, really) proverbial “calling”.

From that moment on I dedicated my time and brain power to learning everything I could about computer systems, networking and programming.  I have a knack for the machines.  When my mom bought her first 286 back in the late 80’s, I used to spend a fair amount of time fixing whatever problems would pop up.  My college degree was a combination of project management and programming, and is really what opened up the door to my career, despite the fact that my school didn’t offer much along the lines of networking.

Everything related to the internet, at the time, I learned on my own.  It lead me to a long career in network engineering, which for many years I loved and enjoyed.  I’m not as much of a geek as I used to be, now that I have a family.  My desire to be up to speed on bleeding edge technology has waned over the years in favor of more “irl” activities.  But there still isn’t much I’m not able to figure out if I set my mind to it.  My knack also stems into electronic equipment such as receivers, DVD players, stereo systems, etc.  In college, I wired 3 phone lines from the phone box outside my apartment into the building, so my roommates could each have their own phones.  It sure made dividing the phone bills much easier. 🙂

Another of my talents revolves around music.  I’m musically inclined in general, both able to sing and play multiple instruments.  I started playing flute in 5th grade, but fell in love with the clarinet when my friend Andrea (you know her, she’s doing Reverb Broads too) let me play hers.  I remember my music teacher, Mr. Minette, being rather irritated that I wanted to play a different instrument, so he pushed and pushed during my summer lessons to get me to the same level that I had achieved on flute.  I think his hope was to discourage me back to playing flute, but instead I soaked it in and became one of his top clarinets.  I think he forgave me after that…

Once I reached high school, I also learned to play tenor sax, trumpet and french horn.  Never did pick up piano.  My mom had denied me piano lessons as a kid because my sisters never took to them, and she assumed I would be the same.  I think she may be kicking herself for that one…

I went on to try my hand as a music major in college, but the crazy hours that were required to complete such a degree made it impossible to support myself, so my potential career in music ended there.  I still play in the occasional community band though.  Since having Littlest Bit, that’s been put on the back burner as well.   Currently, I hope to pick up the bagpipes.  I took lessons several years ago, and still have my chanter, so we’ll see where that leads me.

Ok,  I think I’ve found a third super power, although I think I would call it a “moderately impressive” power.  This is also, a matter of opinion, so I don’t know if others would agree with me, but oh well. :)  I think I have a better bullshit detector than average.  It’s saved me on numerous occasions, and probably is mostly responsible for the general lack of drama in my life.  It’s the whole “trust the gut” thing, which I think we all have, I’ve just had more time to tune it I guess. 🙂


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