#reverbbroads11 – Yup, it’s in the genes…

How are you like your mother? And if you’re a mother, how is/are your kid(s) like you?

Heh, perhaps my husband should be the one writing this entry.  He’s mentioned on a number of occasions how much he thinks I’m like my mother.  Of course, like a lot of people, I don’t see quite as many connections as others see, but I do see more of my Mom in me now that I’m a mom, little things where you stop and say to yourself “Wow, I’m just like my mother!”.

I know I’ve inherited my mother’s propensity to yell, much to my husbands frustration.  He does not like loud sounds, and even more so loud voices.  He rarely yells himself because he doesn’t like to hear his own voice at elevated volumes.  I really hate repeating myself, so when I’m made to repeat something for the 3rd or 4th time, the volume goes up considerably.   I don’t think I’m as quick on the trigger as my Mom, but considering she had three daughters before me, I could see where Mom’s patience in waiting for the 3rd or 4th repeat might have waned by the time I came along…

As much as my Mom would deny it, I fully believe I inherited my techie geekdom from her.  My dad is technical too, but his talents seem to be more in the mechanical aspect.  In the late 80’s, my mom got her first computer.  She was using word processors, spreadsheets and graphics programs long before I ever had an interest.  Over the years she has moved with the times, handling updates, new systems and new software along the way.  She’s in her 80’s, and she can email, burn CD’s, take digital photos and get them into her computer, has a Facebook account, owns two Macs (her laptop is even newer than mine!) and numerous other things.  She doesn’t give herself remotely enough credit.  My mom is a techie goddess 🙂

My kiddos are still a bit young to really see how they are like me.  I think the Ronanmeister has inherited more of my looks than Littlest Bit has, although the poor girl seems to have my hips…  LB has shown that she’s a pretty good dancer, so maybe there will be some musical ventures in her future.

I sometimes wonder if the Ronanmeister has my abilities to “sense” things.  He has had a preoccupation with death, dying and ghosts ever since he learned to talk.   Despite our religious beliefs, we don’t usually talk about death or ghosts/spirits much around the kids, so we’re not sure where it’s coming from.  For years he was afraid, and we’ve had to find various ways of calming his nerves.  It’s only in the last couple months that he seems to see a difference between a “good” ghost and a “bad” one, so he’s not as afraid as he used to be.  Looks like it’s time to start teaching him a few things…

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  • Thanks so much for writing today! You know, my mom was on the cutting edge of office tech too…makes me wonder. And kids are so sensitive anyway, I’m not surprised Ronan is picking up on things. Guess regular “housecleanings” are in your extended future!

  • I’m impressed with your mom. My in-laws are in their late seventies, and while Jon’s dad does do email, it’s only the bare minimum that he’s been taught. Any time there is a bug or something out of place, and there’s a phone call to my husband. Jon’s mom doesn’t even go near the computer. I’m certain she doesn’t even know how to turn it on.

    • In the last few years the “family tech support” as increased, but mainly just because her memory isn’t what it used to be. She still does awesome though! (She will never admit it. I’m surprised she hasn’t commented yet to tell me I’m full of it 😉 )

  • OK, your “full of it” : )

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