#reverbbroads11 – Never say never…

List 10 things you would never do.

I think this was meant to be an easy peasy list, but again I find myself perplexed.  As I mentioned before, I’m not really a “never” kind of girl.  I like to keep my options open to pretty much anything. So, for me to say I’ll never do something is to tell a half truth because there’s always the possibility that I will change my mind someday.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that views/opinions change as time rolls along.  So, my list at this point will have to be a list of things *I think* I will never do.  because really, the sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned 🙂

1. I’ll never be a rocket scientist.  I’m just not that good at math.  Strange coming from a computer geek, isn’t it?

2. I’ll never have a 3rd child.  I’m quite happy with my two. 🙂

3.  I’ll never remarry.  If this marriage doesn’t work out, I’m done.  But I think we’re in pretty good shape so I’m not worried about it 🙂

4. I’ll never be a Christian.  Got nothing against those that are or anything against the religious itself (except for the whole proselytizing thing), it’s just not the path for me.

5. I’ll never go on a cruise.  Can’t stand really large ships, I’m petrified of them.

6. I’ll never ride a horse again.  Been thrown twice (two different horses) and damaged my lower back both times.  I still love horses though and love to be around them.  There’s a sanctuary that takes care of abandoned/surrendered/abused horses not to far from me that I hope to volunteer time to next year.

7.  I’ll never own a dog. Total cat person here 🙂

8.  I’ll never be as thin as I was in high school.  Not that I need to be, it’s just a bit sad that I’ll never have skinny, young woman look again.  Getting older kinda sucks…

9.  I’ll never like running. Which is rather disappointing.  It’s the cheapest form of exercise, and every runner I know is super healthy.  I just can’t stand it.  Doesn’t help that I have an arthritic knee…

10. I’ll never be able to eat enough sushi in this lifetime.  I should’ve been born Japanese, cuz I could soooo live on the stuff…

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