#reverbbroads11 – To Grow or Not to Grow, that is the Question

How did you become more of a grown-up this year? Or did you pull a Peter Pan and stubbornly remain childlike?

Hmm…  I think I’m going to need to approach this one from a different angle.  This question makes the assumption that I was childlike in the beginning of the year, which in all honesty I don’t think I’ve changed much in my level of maturity.  Of course, this isn’t saying I was the epitome of maturity to start with (I’m sure you would get varying answers on my maturity status depending on who you talk to).  I think I did the majority of my “growing up” in my early 30’s, after a bad relationship forced me to take the time to re-evaluate who I was and the way I viewed and approached life.  I learned a lot about myself in those few years, some I already knew and expanded upon, some was new discovery.  I’ve spent my time since living my life according to those personal revelations.  I think that has a lot to do with why I feel so satisfied with my life right now.  It’s not because my life is perfect, it’s because it’s MY life and I’m living it according to who I am, what I believe and how I feel, no holds barred.

Most of my growth this year has been spiritual in nature.  I’ve made discoveries that I had never imagined possible, started utilizing my psychic abilities/skills/gifts/whatever-you-want-to-call-them to help others on a more public basis, and made new friends that have helped enlighten me in numerous ways.  My views of my spiritual path have changed drastically since the beginning of the year.  Yes, I’m still pagan, I’m even still Wiccan, but I’ve found myself examining my views of both.  Thanks to an incrediable experience at PSG (Pagan Spirit Gathering for those not pagan festival savvy) this year, I find myself opened to the world of Shamanism.  I haven’t quite determined how this new discovery will play out in my life, but I know it’s something I must explore.  Currently I’m simply learning through books, classes and from wonderful people in the know. 🙂



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