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Been a while since I’ve put anything on this blog.  Most of my blogging has been happening at my other site, The Lyght, since much of what I’ve been thinking about lately has been about my spiritual life.  But there’s been some stuff with the family too, so I’ll share that now 🙂

Nessa had her 2nd birthday this weekend.  She had a great time, and is still basking in all the attention she got from her family.  She’s one silly little girl that loves to dance.  She’s talking much more than she was just 3 months ago, but she is still behind for her age.  We had her evaluated by the county last month and they said she is just borderline behind, and we could either sign her up for the program or give it more time and see if she catches up on her own.  She’s learned many more words since then, and is starting to put together multiple syllables and a couple words together.  I still think she doesn’t talk much because her brother doesn’t give her a chance… In every other way she’s right on track or advanced, so I’m not worried about her. 🙂

Ronan has lost 2 baby teeth this summer, which he was super excited about.  He attended the Kindergarden Readiness class this summer.  Can’t believe my first baby is starting kindergarden this fall!  He’s excited for school, but not nearly as excited as I was when I was little.  He’s been in daycare/school for many years, so for him it’s just another year of school.  He’ll be in full-time school though, and Nessa will be starting daycare 2 days/week and a day or so with Grandma, so Mom will be able to get some work time in kid-free.  I love my kiddos, but I admit I’m looking forward to that. 😉

Dale starts his next semester of school shortly.  He’s come to discover that he miscalculated how many credits he needs to graduate, so he won’t need to take summer classes in the future.  This makes me quite happy! 🙂  He’s also decided that he wants to try deer hunting this fall.  He has a couple rifles his dad left him, so he got them suited up and ready to go.  I’m not fond of having guns in the house, but Dale assures me he’s taking every pre-caution.  We’ve got a locker for them, and the ammo is kept elsewhere.  Still, I don’t like guns in my house…

Like mentioned before, much of my interests lately has been in my spiritual path. Ever since PSG (Pagan Spirit Gathering) in June, I’ve been searching for something. I’m not exactly sure what at this point, so I’m putting myself out there in different areas to see what develops.  I came to the conclusion that I spread myself a little thin, so I decided it’s best to focus my spiritual energies into two things: my coven and my business.  I retired Spirit Catchers, the spiritual/paranormal discussion group I started last year.  Primarily because I’m now doing a weekly spiritual/paranormal online radio show with my friend Jennifer.  It seemed like overkill to do both, and I really need to start teaching classes as part of my business.  I’ve also put aside the regular pagan festival ideas and passed my ideas on to a friend to start a small ministry for community ritual.  I hope the ministry takes off, cuz the pagan community here needs a some kind of central hub to work through.  But regardless of anyone’s efforts for community, until a decent percentage of the community starts to participate regularly in some of these things, we’re never going to be a true community.  I read once that in order for any community to exist, it needed to have at least 30% active participation from the community members to continue.  We’re nowhere near that.  We can want community and all it has to offer, but that alone does not make it so.  Things to think about…

Ok, kids are not going to let me type anything else without destroying the house.  I’m off 🙂

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