To Tribe or Not Tribe, that is the question.

First and foremost, although all opinions are welcome, this is directed primarily towards those in the pagan community. So if you’re not interested in such things, please move along πŸ™‚

For the most part, up until recently I’ve been in kind of a pagan hiatus, taking the time to have and take care of my kidlets, work, and what not. Now that I’m starting to get back into that world, I’ve noticed the use of the word “tribe” has become commonplace. Ever since the first time I saw the word used, I have been baffled about it’s definition. What defines ones “tribe”? I suspect it’s a reference to “community”, although it seems to be used in a little more intimate context. On a spiritual level, I would think it similar to “coven”, although it does not seem to be as intimate as that term. So, is “tribe” a new level, somewhere between “community” and “coven”, where it’s a reference to people you share spiritual experiences with, but not on as formal of a level as a coven? When I hear “tribe”, I think of an Native American tribe, where the tribe is a community. Yet not all Native Americans are part of the same tribe. Tribes differ, both in members and practices, yet there may be similarities between tribes.

This general confusion leads me to the question “Am I in someone’s tribe?”. If it’s a reference to community, then I would think I would be in the tribe. But if it’s a reference to something more intimate, then perhaps not, unless it also references people you have previously shared spiritual experiences with, either in a public ritual space or privately, in which case I would be tribe. Who should I be calling my tribe? See the confusion here?

If anyone has a clearer definition, please share, I’d love to hear it! πŸ™‚

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