Which god did we piss off?

Incoming whine, you’ve been warned… 😉

This summer has been a horrible one for planning anything, from camping trips to special occasions, anything that requires our health and time has just been a nightmare.  Either myself, Dale or one of the kids have had some sort of health issue bothering us when we make plans, plans being anything from going to a baseball game to going to the doctor on time.  We’ve been sick to our stomachs and thrown out our shoulders, knees or backs from doing nothing special, hit major half hour – out of our way detours when traveling, every camping trip rained out, our daughter sick for her 1st birthday, our son broken out in hives on the day we were to go visit friends for their business opening, the list goes on and on.  I’m getting so I dread making any plans, which really sucks because I really LIKE to travel and entertain.  But what’s the point when most times it’s so stressful?   I don’t expect things to be stress-free, but good god, does it really have to be THIS bad?  A little balance here please, oh mighty planning/travelling god…

Rant off… 🙂

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