With the bad comes from good (or the good comes the bad?)

The doctor called last night with the results of my thyroid biopsy.  She says the results were “inconclusive”, which means I know no more than I did before the biopsy.  When I asked her “now what?”, her response was that not all biopsies come back with definite answers so there’s a 5% chance that there could be cancerous cells in there.  Her suggestion was to refer me to a surgeon to discuss removing the nodule portion of the thyroid.  Surgery?  Really? For something that has a 95% chance of not needing it?  Isn’t that a bit extreme?  I can’t remember exactly what she said the test results actually said, so when I get the results in the mail I’m gonna take it to another doctor for a second opinion on the subject.  I did read online that only 75% of biopsies come back with a conclusive result.  I really don’t want to go through another surgery, that’d be the third in the last 12 months… 🙁

On a happier note, I was recently offered and accepted a part-time job as a network engineer for a small company out of Green Bay.  The job offers flexible hours/scheduling and working remote, which should work really well for us.  Between Grandma and the YMCA drop-in daycare, we should be in good shape for part-time child care that won’t break us, and still have enough time each week to take care of things around here.  We’ve done a lot in the last several months to learn how to better manage our money, so hopefully we can keep it up.  At least we’ll be able to continue to make meals at home, which is good cuz I’d hate to have learned how to cook for nothing. 😉

This weekend we’re having our second drum circle for the summer, or should I say the first since no one showed up for the first one…  I hope we have at least a few people show (weather permitting).  I’d really like to see things a little more active in the community than it has been.  There seems to be a lot of pagans out there, but it seems to be tough to get more than a few of them in one place at one time… 😉

We’ll also be hitting the Faerie Festival at Thistledown on Saturday (again, weather permitting).  I was hoping to make Nessa some faerie wings and some dragon wings for Ronan beforehand, but I’m doubting I will have time, unless I can talk Dale into watching the kids after dinner to I can hit the craft store. 😉

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