Pokity poke…

Today I had a biopsy done on my thyroid, thanks to a nodule that was found a couple weeks ago.  I find it kinda comedic how medical procedures are done these days.  Nurse gets you ready, doctor comes in and does his/her thing, then off they go to the next poor bloke.  I felt a little like an assembly line with people taking their turn to do their bit, but not in a bad way.  Everyone was nice and to the point, and it went exactly as they said it would.  My throat hurts a little when I swallow and my lungs are having a bit of trouble taking big breaths, but other than that I’m feeling pretty good.

I think my little girl is changing from 2 naps to 1.  She doesn’t seem interested in taking a nap anymore unless she’s about to fall over.  I don’t have any issues with one nap, actually it would make it a little easier to get things done without having to break up the day so much.  She’s getting so big so fast, slow down little one!

The hubby is in Chicago for a conference today, not coming home until late evening.  Means I get to make more of my favorite comfort food for dinner.  😉

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