A semi-quiet rainy day

We recently moved our couch onto our 3-season porch, which provides a nice place to relax and enjoy the outdoors without the bugs or getting wet.  It’s very rainy up here today, so I’m out here trying to enjoy the quiet of the rain on the roof.  But there’s this little high-pitched 4 yr olds voice drowning it out.  I love my son, but some days he needs a muzzle…

This weekend we enjoyed a visit from my sister Deb.  She (and Auntie Ann too) spent lots of time with the kiddos, taking them places and providing overall kidlet entertainment (read as endless hours of styrofoam sword fighting).  We even scored a little babysitting time so Dale & I could attend a PUC dinner together for the first time in many months (Thanks Deb!).

I think today will be a good day to finish up the cleaning that needs to be completed before our friend comes to visit on Wednesday.  We’re hoping for good weather next weekend for Circle Sanctuary’s Beltane, although having the camper makes the yucky, cold weather much more tolerable. 🙂

Doh, baby just woke up from her nap…

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