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So, how ya like the new layout? 😉 Spending all that time perusing post after post made me realize that my blog was in desperate need of a makeover (for those on FB this is a mute point, since you’re most likely reading this from the Notes and not at my blog, but bare with me…). I think the purple is quite groovy. 🙂

So life here has been interesting since I left work back in October. I’ve been enjoying my time with the kids, and now that I’m not spending the majority of my emotion and brain time keeping up with a career, I find myself looking towards things that I haven’t had time for in eons. The biggest brainstorm is that I want to start a coven. I really want to get the local community up and moving, not that there aren’t already active pagans in the area doing pagan things, there just seems to be a lack of public gatherings and general pagan togetherness. I need to get my butt out there and start chatting with folks, which is tough to do when there’s 2 little ones at home and a hubby in grad school. However I’m bound and determined to make something happen, even if it means I’m a coven of 1 that holds public gathering in my back yard (at least it’s semi-private back there…). It would be nice not to do it all alone though… 😉 I’m thinking of something similar to what Fox Coven used to be, but a tad more public and geared towards bringing the community together for ritual and including kids ( but definitely not all about kids…). So, if there’s anyone out there that would like to chat more about this, please shoot me a comment/message or catch me at one of the PUC dinners (I don’t go to every one, but I’m there often enough. There’s a good chance we’ll be there tomorrow night sans kids.)

The next week is going to be busy, but in a good way. My sister, Deb, is in town this weekend to spend some time with the kiddos (and us too, I’m sure 😉 ). We’ve got some work to do in the camper to get it ready for the following weekend adventures at Circle’s Beltane. I can’t tell you how much more pleasant spending the weekend there in early May is with a heated camper. 😀 On Wednesday, our friend Dave is coming to spend the evening. We only see Dave once a year, so it’s always a treat. Bring on the Ren & Stimpy! 😉

Poor Dale, he’s up to his eyeballs in school work for the next few weeks between projects and his final…

Ronan and I managed to get about 1/4 of the garden ready for planting yesterday. Now we just need to decide what we’re gonna plant in that section before the weeds take over, which only takes about a week in our back yard…

That’s enough about my exciting life, time for nighty night… 🙂

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  • Nice new blog! Love the colors. I’m glad you are going to be more bold and outspoken on your blog…. go Mary! I may not always agree with anyone but I always support the right to speak your mind! 🙂

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