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A couple days ago I decided I wanted to migrate a couple years worth of posts from my old LJ account (2002 – mid 2005) so I’d have all my past blogging fun all in one place. I decided to do these posts one by one, since I thought it would be fun to read all the stuff I wrote back then, but then realized after sending a couple that I forgot to turn off the email notification for new material. Sooooo, the last couple posts that popped up in your mailbox were from 2002, so no one has been in an accident, and I don’t have any UTIs. Sorry for the confusion there, I promise this one is real… 😉

It was fun going through all the old posts from back then. It brought back a lot of memories, like how much I hated my job, getting engaged and our wedding, first getting pregnant, and all kinds of other daily bibble-babble. It made me realize that poor Nessa is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to documenting her accomplishments. Ronan had all kinds of press back in his early days. So I think maybe it’s time to start blogging more again, even if most of it ends up as private, so I’ll at least have something showing how my two kidlets are growing.

So, on that note, my littlest one has grown leaps and bounds. She’s about 8 1/2 months now, and ready to head for the hills. 🙂 Today she sat up without support (from me or her arms) for a solid 5 minutes and played with her toys. She loves to roll herself everywhere, and is up on her hands and knees (more often it’s hands and feet) and doing the rocking thing that generally precedes crawling. She still doesn’t have any teeth, and isn’t showing any real signs of getting any. But that hasn’t stopped her from learning how to feed herself those baby cheesy-poof things. She also holds her own sippy cup 🙂

Ronan has been enjoying his variety of classes at the Y. This session he’s taking his first “kid only” swimming class, along with his usual preschool class. He’s enjoying both, and he’s looking forward to doing lots of camping this summer. We got the camper out of storage last week, and the “boys” have already spent the night in it. Our first outing is to Circle Beltane the end of next week. Thank the gods the thing has a heater… 🙂

I’ve got more to babble about, but I think I’ll save it for tomorrow. I’ve been awake since 5am, and it’s time for night night… 🙂

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