Decade in Retrospect

It’s hard to believe that another decade has passed in this life of mine.  I must say, it’s been a good one.  So many positive things have happened in my life over the last 10 years, definitely a vast improvement from the decade before.  Things in 2000 started out with the end of a bad relationship, which seemed to spark a whole slew of goodness from that point forward.  I spent years doing something I loved for a living, building networks.  I discovered the pagan in me and made many close friends that I still hold dear today.  Through these friends I met the love of my life and had two beautiful children.  Yup, I don’t think this last decade could’ve been much better (well, maybe if I won the lottery…).   I hope I’m lucky enough to have the same good fortune in the next 10 years.

Ok, enough tooting my own horn… :)  Happy New Year everyone!

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