Update from the Absent Blogger

Sometimes I wonder why I keep a blog anymore, since most everyone I know is on FaceBook anyway.  But, I guess it’s nice to have a record of things that’s 100% in my control, that I can backup and keep.  So there ya go! 😉

So a couple of holidays have gone by since my last update.  I barely remember what we did for Thanksgiving, it seems like an eon ago already…  But if memory serves correctly, we had a yummy lamb dinner at home with family (MIL & BIL).  It was a nice quiet day, and Ronan liked playing games and having people to show off for. 🙂

Xmas was also at home this year, due to being oncall for work that week.    Deb & Bob drove in for the event (fortunately the weather wasn’t too horrible for the drive), and Ronan got spoiled with a gazillion presents (ok, maybe not that many, but it sure looked like it!).  It was fun being the first year that Ronan really understood what Xmas is (which is, from a childs prospective, the day Santa gives you presents).  We were prepared for a 5am awakening to open them, but surprisingly he chose to sleep in, which we were all grateful for.  I spent the majority of the day sleeping (sleeping is a good way to spend your birthday, right?), since I was exhausted, which brings us to another tidbit of news…

I’m 10wks pregnant!  We found out the middle of December that we’re expecting #2, due date of August 23rd.  We’ve been hestitant to share the news too broadly too early since we’ve had a history of problems.  But as of yesterday, we’ve had our 2nd ultrasound and rounds of tests, and everything is looking great!  So we figured it’s as safe to share as it’s going to get.  I have since dubbed this one “Happy”, since he/she was doing a little happy dance for us on the ultrasound.  Ronan calls it his “Little Sister”.  Guess we’ll see if he’s right in a couple months. 🙂

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