About time for an update, don’t ya think?

I’m one seriously lazy blogger… Sites like Facebook don’t help much either.  I’m more for the moment to moment updates than long, drawn out blog entries, but I’ll appease the masses every now and then. 🙂

So yeah, been keeping pretty busy lately.  I decided that it’s time to attack the house. There’s just too much clutter, and rooms that need some serious TLC, so I’m on a mission to attack one room at a time until it’s done. I started with the living room by painting the walls and getting everything back in place.  It looks much nicer now, but still needs a coax cable run for the satellite (and trust me, running any cables in this house quickly becomes an exercise in futility…) and I need to wash down and paint the closet.  I hope to accomplish these things this weekend.  Then I need to schedule someone to come clean the carpet. Next will be the kitchen.  There’s not anything remodeling-wise that needs doing in the kitchen, just some cleaning out & organizing, mostly so we can get our counter space back.  Isn’t my household work exciting?  I’m sure you’re all holding your breath to see what I do next… 😉

In the previous months, we had noticed Ronan doing sort of a weird “shaking” thing.  We’re not sure what else to call it.  It’s like a shiver, but more dramatic.  Anyhoo, we decided it would be best to get him checked out so we took him in for an EEG.  He was a real trooper, as was his daddy who got up with him at 3am so he would be tired for the procedure.  He laid right down and went to sleep for the testing lady.  We got the results back yesterday and they were completely normal.  So, we’re still not sure what the weird shaking thing is.  We haven’t seen it in about a month, so who knows.  But at least it appears that he’s not having seizures. Yay!

Ronan had loads of fun trick-o-treating for Halloween, however he did get rather spooked by a display at one of the houses.  We had to scare away a ghost in his room (or rather get him to scare it away) so he would go to sleep that night.  Now we have more candy in the house than should ever be there.  Free candy anyone?  Maybe we’ll just take it to work.  One good thing about working in an office again, I can pawn off all my unwanted sweets on my coworkers.  Better their thighs than mine!

Speaking of thighs, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about losing this weight.  I had been putting it off in case we got pregnant, but since that isn’t happening as quickly as we thought it would, I figure there’s no more point in waiting (not that it was a good excuse, just couldn’t bear the thought of losing a bunch of weight only to gain it back when pregnant).  I started going to Curves again about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve managed to get there 4x/week during my lunch breaks.  I’m also trying a carb sensitive diet, which is basically higher protein/lower carbs, but not crazy lower carbs like some of those high protein diets out there, and reducing my calories.  So far I’ve managed to lose about 4 lbs.  I figure if I can keep this up for the next year, I have a good chance of taking off all this weight.  So wish me luck!

D’s birthday is coming up next week (11/10), so we’re heading to Melting Pot to celebrate.  They’re having an awesome deal for folks that came when they first opened 5 years ago in Appleton, an entire 5-course meal for $55/couple.  Can’t beat that! (Good thing there’s lots of protein in that meal, D. can have the dessert!)

I started playing Eb Alto clarinet in my community band this season.  Our band has 9 french horns, so I was asked to help out the clarinets instead.  So far it’s been fun, but now I need to find myself more horn gigs to play, cuz I really don’t want to give it up…

That’s all I can think of for now.  Maybe in another couple months I’ll have something more to write about! 😉

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  • I know what you mean about being a lazy blogger. I try doing a photo challenge blog. That is about all I get on there now. I’ve gotten into the Facebook stuff and haven’t even read my friends blogs until today.

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