Please take care of Jack for me, Whiskey

I never imagined just 6 weeks after Whiskey’s passing that Jack would be doing the same.  There’s 3 years between their ages, so even though Jack was diabetic, I figured I’d at least have a year or more.  But unfortunately, the powers that be had other plans…

In 1993, I decided that Whiskey needed a playmate to keep him company while I was in school, so I set off to the local humane society to find him a friend.  I already knew I wanted a orange tabby and it just so happened that a litter of 7 kittens, all about 3 months old, had been brought in, which included two orange striped kitties.

When I arrived, I was taken to their cage, where there were little rambunctious kitties running everywhere.  I was watching the female orange kitty when I noticed Jack in the background.  He was hiding at the back of the cage watching me.  At first I thought he might be too shy, which his sister wasn’t.  Then, all of the sudden, he pounced on one of his siblings.  The two kitties wrestled and played, then Jack noticed me again and retreated to the back of the cage.  He did this about 4 more times, and I realized that even though he was on the shy side, his desire to play overruled, and I decided he would be perfect as a playmate for Whiskey.  So I signed the papers and brought him home.

Jack and Whiskey became friends instantly.  They were little partners in crime.  Whiskey was the engineer, while Jack was the accomplice.  Whiskey would open my cupboards, and Jack would knock the cans on the floor.   And whenever Whiskey would sneak out, Jack would be the first to let me know he was missing.  I could always tell when Whiskey was gone by Jack’s cry.

Jack was always shy of strangers, but he was the most lovable cat in the world to those he knew and trusted.  He had the biggest, strongest motor of any cat I’ve ever known, and I often referred to him as “My Diesel”.  When I first brought him home, his favorite thing to do was climb my curtains and curl up in my hanging plant for naps.  Of course, he killed the plant, but I didn’t mind, he was way too cute swinging up there sleeping.  He wasn’t big on being carried, but he loved to just sit on your lap and purr.  Most of all, he loved to have his belly rubbed.  He had the biggest, softest belly, and he made a wonderful purring pillow on chilly nights.  Tundra thought so too, snuggled next to Jack was her favorite place to sleep.

Jack taking a snooze with Whiskey and Tundra
Jack taking a snooze with Whiskey and Tundra

When Jack was 10, he was diagnosed diabetic.  He started insulin shots and for years was symptom free, but over time the disease took a toll on him, stiffening his back legs and giving him cataracts.  He never went blind fortunately, but it was hard for him to move and play like he used to.  He never complained through, he was always the most tolerant kitty.

Hangin' out with Ronan
Jack hangin with Ronan

A couple days after Whiskey passed, Jack went into diabetic shock.  We took him to the emergency vet and they stabilized him, but it was the beginning of a downward spiral.  He wouldn’t eat enough to sustain himself.  We still don’t know if there was a medical reason, or if perhaps the loss of Whiskey was just too much for him.  Our vet was unable to find a reason, and Jack quickly lost weight.  Jack was never a cat to eat on demand or eat people food, so finding something he liked was difficult.  Last week I took him back to the vet once more, so see if he could find anything new, but again everything came back ok, other than the fact that he was starving.

Jack never regained his appetite, despite our efforts to get him to eat.  Then last night he started to get worse, and this morning he was in bad shape.  So I took him to our emergency vet and they confirmed that his lungs were filled with fluid and he was in heart failure.  Jack went to sleep at 7:35am this morning in my arms, his diesel going until the very end.  He was 15 years, 4 months old.

Jack - 1993 - 2008
We love and miss you! Jack - 1993 - 2008

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  • What a lucky cat he was to have been rescued by you! You were and are a good mommie…

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Kitties are supposed to live FOREVER!!!!

    I want kitties like on Sims. When they die, I can bring them back. (Trust me, I have brought back way more kitties and doggies than people on that game.)

  • **sniffle** What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. I am so sorry for your loss! I’m sure he will be hanging out with Whiskey, wherever they are now, getting into trouble while they wait for Momma….

  • I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Jack; he was a beautiful kitty and will be missed a lot by both his cat family and his human family. How is Ronan taking the loss of some of his furry friends?

    • Ronan hasn’t really noticed that they’re gone. Both Jack and Whiskey were pretty inactive since Ronan has become old enough to notice them. The most he has said about either of them is that Jack is out shopping. No idea where he got that idea…

  • I had no idea Jack died too. I am so sorry honey!! Opus sends a big kiss out to you. He was licking his butt again, sorry about that. We're having a problem with cats here — strays left by foreclosed homeowners have settled in to my doghouse, kayak, and under the porch. I don't mind, except that they think my garden beds are big litter boxes. I am teaching Opus to chase them, and I put mousetraps in the garden beds to keep them out.Jack is God's kitty now. He is playing with Whiskey in Cat Heaven.Love

  • Wow. That is terrible and wonderful all at the same time. It feels so bad that they're gone, but it's wonderful to know that unlike a lot of kitties, he had a great life with great friends and owners.We lost our Kitty Boy last Spring to lymphoma and Leah and I both miss him every day. It's so hard to lose a pet because they're such an integral part of everything you do in the house. My profound condolences.

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