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  • Lately I’ve been part of a number of conversations about stress and depression. During these conversations, there seems to be a common theme, that most everyone is overworked, over stressed, and the only relief they can find comes in the form of a pill. I’ll be honest, it scares me how many people need to be on medication to function in today’s society. Expectations to perform have really gone through the roof in both career and family. Are we destined to become a society of artificially happy people that work themselves into early graves? Will the only way to live a naturally happy life be to seclude yourself from the whole of society and everything it involves? How long will it be before there’s anti-depressant vaccines? This reminds me of a Farscape episode I watched recently, where an entire planet’s population was enslaved to grow a root for production by the mighty PeaceKeepers. They also ate the root, which had the effect of making them 100% happy to farm it all the time. Are we headed this direction? I think I’m moving to the mountains and becoming a Gypsy…
  • Last weekend we went camping at Rock Island State Park. It was a fun trip, regardless of the fact that is it now 100% determined that I cannot sleep on anything short of an air mattress. D. had a good time, and Ronan absolutely loved it. We spent much of our time hiking around, sitting on the beaches so Ronan could throw rocks in the water, swimming, and visiting the Pottawatomi LightHouse. My favorite Ronan quote of the weekend: “Hey Bug, say cheese!” (While D. was taking a picture of a spider in it’s web).
  • My whole family is fighting off some sort of nasty we all caught. I’m really not looking forward to winter. I was sick every 3 weeks for 4 months last winter, I don’t think I can survive a repeat…
  • Jack is doing much better, but still needs to gain some weight back. For those that don’t know, shortly after Whiskey passed, my next oldest cat, Jack, went into diabetic shock. We found him having seizures at the top of our steps. He was fed caro syrup and whisked off to the emergency vet. Jack hasn’t been eating like usual, perhaps because of the loss of Whiskey, we really don’t know why, and it was reeking havoc with his sugar levels. He’s home now, and at his last appointment it was determined that even the lowest dose of insulin is too much for him, so he’s now off insulin shots for a while. He’s doing better now, and hopefully he’ll start eating more now that he has more energy to move.

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  • Hi honey! I agree with you, people just want to take a painkiller or antidepressant to solve their problems. You have to work through it as a whole mind/body project — nutrition, sleep, reading, daily therapy exercises, and doing things you love to make you feel happy. But in some cases, like mine, the problem is actually chemical and I need the Paxil to regulate the chemicals. I have been miserable since i was a baby, til I got some of that stuff!I'm glad I chose the path in my life that I chose: traveling, working seasonal jobs, not bowing to the evil corporate world by working as their slave for pennies. The trade-off is, I am broke and have no retirement savings. But I can always live in a tent!

  • Yes, I agree, lifestyle has a lot to do with it. I also agree that a huge chunk of depression issues are chemical imbalances, although I can't help but wonder what's causing these chemical imbalances. Are we poisoning ourselves with western medicine or pollution and causing problems with our bodies and the bodies of our children? Maybe it's a strange form of evolution? Who knows. Somehow I think it all comes back to the way our culture lives, one way or another.

  • I think we’re all depressed because of all of the artificial chemicals they put into our food. It messes with our heads. If I had the willpower, I’d eat nothing but washed-off apples and veggies I grew myself.

    Ha ha. Like THAT’LL ever happen:)

    “Hi Bug, Say Cheese!”


  • Oooops… I must quote him properly.

    “HEY, bug; say cheese!”


  • Well, ladies–I take a "happiness cocktail" everyday. I have major depression–and when I am very ill, I am delusional. Since my last episode five years ago, I take four separate medications everyday– and I am happy to say I've never felt better. I have much better focus that I ever did and feel more confident than I have in my life.There is a strong incidence of mental illness in my family, which I can trace back to a great-grandmother. If you know my Dad, you can vouch for his mental instability. Science is understanding better the brain chemistry of mental illness every year. While medication isn't a cure-all, I do believe it helps me get to a point where I feel well enough to change my behaviors that cause me problems and to do the things I need to do to stay well–lead a balanced life–nutrition, exercise, sleep, find rewarding work and being with my family.Take care!!!

  • I hope no one feels I'm dissing folks that need to take anti-depressants. I was just noting my observations of the connections between the demands of society (family, work, etc) and the increase in the need for folks to take meds to function within society. Please don't think I'm saying this is the only reason a person might need to take medication. :)I'm also one of those that need that "cocktail" to function.

  • No offense taken at all. I've just had to get past a lot of stigma to accept where I am with the meds, and so I like to get my story out to help others.I still have close family who think the real reason I have depression is the meds.Take it easyJ

  • Hey Mary! Thanks for the Bamboo plant. I've noticed you've seemed sort of sluggish…. is that Melancholy? or Sanguine? My sister always updates me on which of those 4 I am zoning in.I now know the synchronicity of attending that PUC dinner…. it was just to hear you say in your notes what I think all the time. I found out in '95 when my dad died that I had been depressed my whole life and faking the cheerleader syndrome to con others and myself. I discovered Prozac. I discovered how easy it is for "normal" people to function w/o the emotional and thinking overload all the time. But I totally agree with you…. that I hate taking it to be organized and meet deadlines and be socially acceptable. Are you by any chance moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains to become a Gypsy? I'll go in halfsies with you. 🙂 Thanks for the validation and the bridge. I hope you conquer that sinus infection. And I do enjoy you're updates on Ronan and his adorable…. well… innocence and discoveries.By the way….. I took my coffee outside this morning (as I usually do when I'm not on the road) and noticed a leaf in the yard…. and then leaves in the gutters…. and then.. the breeze in the trees sounding a little dryer. May the spirit of the winds soothe you and wrap you in sunlight, moonlight, and comfort.

  • Ronan told his first joke–I’m so proud of him!

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