I love my bed!

So, we managed camping attempt #2 this weekend.  This time we were much more successful, arriving at the campsite around 7pm on Friday and getting settled in before dark.  This place was MUCH nicer than the last campground we tried, and hardly any mosquitoes, yay!  It was an enjoyable weekend.  We spent Saturday walking in the woods, where the trail was lined with wild black & red raspberries.  Yum!  Ronan devoured every berry we picked until I had a little brush with some stinging neetle.  It’s a good thing I was basically raised near the backwoods, or I would’ve freaked out not knowing what I got into.  It hurt pretty good on that little quarter sized spot! :shocked

In the afternoon, my sister drove out to join us and we spent part of the afternoon playing frisbee and watching Sunfish run off with Auntie Ann’s worms.  Then it was off to Clearwater Harbor for some dinner and drinks (the little one had a banana smoothie), and roasting marshmellows by the campfire afterwards.  :cheers

Overall it was a good weekend.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my old, horse-battered body cannot handle sleeping on the ground anymore, not even with a 1/2 in. foam pad under me.  I don’t remember being this uncomfortable the last time we went camping (about a year ago?).   Perhaps it was just the rock-hard ground or the mild slope we were pitched on that made things more difficult, who knows.  But it sure gave me a new found appreciation for my bed!  I really want to get a pop-up trailer (and a vehicle large enough to pull one).  I think I’d be camping every weekend with one of those!  :sleep

Another bit of excitement was the deer tick we found on D.’s belly Saturday night.  It was really tiny, and we managed to get it off after about 30 minutes of wrestling.  D. took it to his Dr. this morning for testing, and was told that it was only a baby tick, not an adult, so the risk of Lymes Disease is very small.  He gave him an antibiotic just in case of infection.  So yeah, when in the Wisconsin woods, be sure to look for ticks!  :yep

Ronan had an absolute blast!  He was such a trooper and slept great in the tent both nights.  He loved going for walks, playing on the swings in the park, watching Auntie Ann feed, er, catch the fishies, and riding his trike all over creation.  He was completely exhausted by the time we left on Sunday.  He learned the importance of light after running full force into the picnic table in the dark, and he liked watching the “fireworks” in the campfire (crackling wood).  He doesn’t like roasted marshmellows, which means all the more for me!  :yum

One thing that really baffled us was the lack of child supervision.  There were kids Ronan’s age and slightly older hanging out on the roads and in kiddie parks with no adults in sight.  There were kids dangling from high slides and swingsets.  I even saw one little kid that couldn’t have been more than 1 yr old sitting on a picnic table with no adults anywhere.   D. and I were starting to wonder if we’re just over-protective, because we just can’t imagine letting Ronan run without an adult nearby to keep an eye on him, and we really can’t see letting him wonder alone on a road with cars without one of us within a few feet.  I could’ve understood if there was an older child there to watch, but in most cases there wasn’t even that.  We found it very strange and rather unnerving.  :sandbox

So, yes, good weekend.  Now I’m oncall for work for the next 2 weeks, so it’s area arrest for us for a while.  It’s looking like we won’t be able to make the Ren Faire until the very last weekend this year.  Being oncall every other week sure sucks up your freedom…

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  • Oh I’m glad they gave him the antibiotic! Lymes is cause by a spirochete bacteria, so if there were any the antibiotic should have killed them off. The tick has to be feeding for at least 24 hours to transmit the borrelia bacteria (that’s how long it takes the bacteria to migrate from the tick hindgut into the hosts bloodstream) so there is a good chance you got it off before it could transmit Lymes.

    Sorry, I know that’s gross but we live in Wisconsin and have a very high rate of Lymes disease.

    More advice: always remove a tick with forceps or a small tweezer by grasping the head as far into the skin as you can and pulling out in a quick motion. NEVER squeeze the body of the tick as this basically injects you with whatever might be in the tick (like Lymes).

    Lymes is a nasty disease and I don’t want anyone to get it!!

    • Thanks for the advice! We were fortunate enough to have a weak internet connection out there on our iPhones, so we were able to look up how to remove it before we tried. This tick was SO tiny, it was amazing I even saw it. The Dr. said he’s never seen a tick so small before. We had a first aid kit in the car (it took D. about 20 minutes to remember he had it), and it had a pair of pointy tweezers that we used to remove it.

      I’ve only ever dealt with wood ticks in my life, so this was a new one for me. A friend of mine had posted a picture of a deer tick she found on her son a couple months ago. Had it not been for the picture, I never would’ve thought to look for ticks that small. Wood ticks are big and easy to see!

      Did we ever tell you about the wood tick we found on Ranma’s butt? We went for a walk in a nearby park that week, so one musta got in on our clothing. That tick sure didn’t do much searching for a good location, cuz it attached itself in the stinkiest location it could find! :sick2

  • Oh poor Ranni! Well at least you found it 🙂

    Yeah, deer ticks are tiny, and you probably found one in the nymph stage (pre-adult). Good thing you spotted it! Did he just feel itchy there and notice it?

    Eew, I hate ticks!

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