We spent our 4th weekend at my folks in Whitewater.  It was quite nice getting together with the family, and the kiddo got lots of hugs, smooches, and was generally spoiled like he usually is on such visits. 🙂 

It was a pretty lazy weekend as a whole.   I think I burned the most calories playing my horn in the WHS Alumni band in the parade.  It’s hard not to toss your cookies when you’re bouncing down a city street staring at music and trying to keep your mouth on the mouthpiece.  It was fun through.  Ronan was showered in candy, which made him an avid parade fan from that day forward.  Later I got to catch up a little with folks I knew in high school.  It’s always fun to see how folks have lived their lives, what they’re up to, etc.  They also introduced me to the wide world of FaceBook.  I’m already in many online communities, so what’s another, right?  :badcomputer

On the way home from da folks we stopped at REI to pick up a new tent and some supplies for our upcoming trip to Rock Is. in August.   I hope this tent sets up easier than our old one.  I don’t want a repeat of our trip to Buckhorn.  We have a trip to Waupaca set up in a couple weeks, and I’m bringing an arsenal of bug sprays & mosquito repellants.  I’m not a big fan of filling the ozone with bug killing chemicals, but the mosquitoes are just :censored nuts this year.  I don’t mind a few bites, I’d just like it if I didn’t need a transfusion after this trip… 

D. is out of town till tomorrow, so the kiddo and I are wingin’ it.  Last night was sushi at Far East (well, sushi for me, fish & avocado for the kiddo).  I think tonight will be chinese.  Perhaps tonight I’ll actually go to bed when Ronan does, I could use a little more sleep.  :yawn

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