Well that just sucked…

So this weekend was our first attempt to take Ronan on his first camping trip.  I say was, because it was a disaster, and we’re home now.  It’s mostly our fault, we didn’t plan far enough in advance so D. ended up spending most of the day shopping for stuff instead of packing stuff up.  We didn’t get out of the house until almost 6, ate dinner on the way, and got to the campsite about 9:30pm.  It was dark when we got there, and it just started to rain.  We tried to get the tent up, but either we broke a pole when we took it down last weekend, or we broke it trying to get it up, cuz it would not stay up properly.

And OMG, the MOSQUITOES (You weren’t kidding, Lynn)! Before I could even get the bug spray out of the bag I had about 50 bites on me.  One even got me IN my ear.  D. got the tent to a point of semi-stability and asked if I wanted to stay.  I got in the tent, pointed the light towards the ceiling, and there were about 200 mosquitoes flying around in there.  There was also mud all over the floor from trying to get it up in the rain.  I said no way.   So Ronan and I camped out in the car (killing the mosquitoes that got in when we did) while Dh packed up the tent.  We got home about 1:30am (the place was 2 hours away).  Poor Ronan, he was so disappointed he couldn’t play in the tent, and DH and I are covered in bites.  Tears

We learned our lesson, be sure to get to your campsite MANY hours before dark so you can do mosquito control. D. was a trooper btw, didn’t give me any hassle about wanting to leave, and even apologized that things didn’t go better (which there was no need, he busted butt to try to get things together for this trip). love2

We live in such a lovely state and we can’t even enjoy it in the summer cuz of the bugs and humidity…

Anyhoo, thats my sob story.  We’re going to a Faerie festival this afternoon that Ronan should enjoy.  They have lots of kids activities, so maybe the weekend won’t be a complete wash.  We still need to unpack they car yet, bleh…

Hope everyone else’s weekend is going better!

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  • Yup. I couldn’t even lay out in the sun for more than 15 minutes yesterday (during the day, for God’s sake) because the skeeters kept flying around my head. It must be something about McLay ears because Mom said they were trying to get into HER ears yesterday too.

    Sorry to hear your trip didn’t work out. At least the Pooh didn’t get eaten up, so that’s a good thing. Dale must look terrible!

    You might want to set it up (the tent, not Dale 🙂 ) at Mom’s so you all have a place to sleep over the 4th, heh.

  • P.S. Say hi to Mike if you see him at the “fairy” festival… oh… you meant a different fairy. 🙂

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