Since I’m completely bored at work…

I guess that means it’s update time. 😉

I think the toughest thing about blogging is trying to remember any of the things you’ve done since your last entry.  I know there’s a ton fo stuff that’s been keeping us busy, but I’ll be damned if I can remember the majority of it.  I swear my brain has filled up and it’s now just purging data…  :idea

Anyhoo, lets see…  we finished our flowerbeds in the yard.  Our backward looks quite nice.  The only major project left is to get the brick path into the garden.  That’ll be a bit of a project, so I doubt it will be done any time soon. 

It’s been nice not being oncall all month (I was oncall 2 weeks in a row last month).  However, starting in July, I’ll be oncall every other week.  Although it can be a bit frustrating when you’re trying to plan weekend activities around it, it’s not all that bad.  Oncall at my new job is a breeze compared to where I was.  So as long as things stay as they have been, I can deal.

A couple weeks ago we broke out Ronan’s pool.  The water was a bit cold for him, but he adjusted quickly and had himself a gay ‘ol time.  He didn’t want to get out. :titanic

D’s brother got his drivers license a couple weeks ago.  We’re now on the quest for a decent, yet affordable vehicle for him.  Everyone stay off the sidewalks.  :drive

That’s all I can remember for now.  Tonight we head out for our first camping trip with the wee one.  D. took today off to get packed and ready.  We put up the tent in the backyard last weekend to air it out, and Ronan thought it was the coolest thing.  I hope he finds it equally as neat when he finds he has to sleep in it overnight.  The park has a beach (we checked to make sure the lake was still there, and/or the campsites aren’t underwater) and lots of trails to go wondering.  Hopefully it will be a good time for all.

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