Virus #9 and other stuff

Yup, that’s right, my kiddo and I have caught ourselves yet another bug. Either we have absolutely no immune systems, or viruses are mutating so fast that our immune systems never get acclimated. :sick Guess that’ll teach us to take a vacation around people… :bonk2

Last weekend we took a trip to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. It took Ronan about 20 minutes to realize all the squirty things weren’t gonna eat him, but after that he had a blast. He loved the little kid pools & slides and watching the big bucket dump mega water on all the people. He’s still talking about the “big bucket go sploosh”. We also took some time to wander around downtown Dells. It was nice walking around before big time tourism kicks in. I will admit I was disappointed with the fudge we picked up at one of the shops. It was very gritty, shouldn’t fudge be smooth? Oh well, at least Ronan got a yummy star sucker that he thoroughly enjoyed. :lollipop

I’ve had to have a chat with the daycare coordinator at Ronan’s daycare. Since he moved to the next room up, the teachers have been very disorganized, not filling out his daily form and losing his personal items. I can’t help but wonder what other things are getting neglected. I really don’t want to have to move him again, so I hope talking with management will get things resolved quickly. :share

Next week I leave for Chicago for some training. I have yet to make my reservations… Ctrlalttabby, I’ll be staying in downtown Chicago. Is there anywhere in the area (or easy for me to get to) that you’d like to meet for dinner? I’ll be there Tuesday, heading home Friday. Let me know. :toast2

My kiddo has been sleeping for almost 4 hours. Guess his bug has him tuckered out. Poor little guy… :sleep At least the sleep is good for him. Now to think about dinner…

Most babble later… :cell2

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