My little bottomless pit…

I guess Ronan is feeling better. He ate a small ton of food for dinner this evening, healthy food too! He was in a pretty good mood as well, which is always nice. He wanted to “watch the puppies” (101 Dalmatians), and sat still through most of it. He’s such a cutie (not that I’m biased or anything) :baby

As for myself, I was feeling better this morning, but after lunch my tummy was in pretty bad shape again. I left work around 2, got home and hit the hay. I think I went comatose for about 2 1/2 hours. I’m feeling a bit better now. Got myself some ginger ale, which always seems to help an upset tummy. :sick2

Looks like work is sending me to Chicago for training April 15-18. I’m impressed, my company is willing to shell out for a hotel near the training facility so I don’t have to drive everyday (it’s in downtown Chicago). :drive That’s very nice of them!

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  • You never ending supply of “smilies” is amazing. All so appropriate for your text too. Wonder why your tummy is still not feeling good. Daddy had one episode of that tummy flu that lasted several days, it could still be the aftermath of your virus.


  • Your “smilies” fit the text perfectly, as always.

    Hope your tummy settles down. Baby it for a few days and go to cocoa and toast like your Mom : )

    Spring must be perking up Ronan’s appetite. Hope he puts on a “little” weight to fill in his tall frame.


  • So glad to hear little bumble is feeling better and that he’s enjoying his “puppy movie” (Bob wants to teach him how to say “cats acky, puppies good”! Hope you’re feeling better by now too! I can’t imagine driving from Appleton to Chicago every day for training–did Charter used to make you do that? Ugh! Anyway, I’m glad your new place doesn’t–what’s its name?

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