Mmm, sugar!

Ronan enjoyed his first real Easter basket and egg hunt yesterday. Enjoyed is an understatement. I don’t think he’s ever seen so much candy before. He spent most the day playing with his plastic eggs and munching on chocolate.

We went to Fratello’s for brunch, which for me was a bit of a disappointment. I’m more a traditional brunch type of girl, and this was a bit too fancy for my taste. D. enjoyed it though, and Ronan was too full of easter candy to concern himself with breakfast. Afterwards we went for a walk by the river. Ronan really likes the river. BTW, he has declared the Fox River as his, so henceforth, the Fox River will now be known as “Ronan’s River”. :titanic

Today wasn’t a good day for the bean. He had his first accident at daycare, taking a walk outside with the group, he bumped into a railing and cut his eye lid.  They called me from work to come look at it and decide if he needed to go to the Dr. Naturally I was thinking he was severely damaged and tried not to panic, but fortunately it’s just a scratch under his eyebrow. He’ll probably have a bruise for a while, poor little guy. Hopefully it doesn’t scar.

Of course, this means I’ve missed yet another 1/2 day from work. I’m lucky that my job is flexible when it comes to taking care of family, but I’m concerned they’re gonna think this is too much. Guess time will tell. Some of my coworkers got to meet my little man when we stopped by to pick up my computer. I hope his cuteness makes it all ok. :yep

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