Bunny bunny bunny

Yesterday my boss kicked us out of work around 2pm, so I took the opportunity to do some shopping. So I headed to the mall and picked up a pair of jeans, a new swimsuit (for our upcoming trip to the waterpark) and some new bras. Damn, bras are expensive, even on sale. Afterwards I met up with D. for some coffee house downtime before picking up the kiddo. It was a nice, although unexpected, afternoon off. :meditate

This afternoon we took Ronan to his first movie. We saw “Alvin and the Chipmunks” at the budget theater. Ronan was quite good through most of it, which impressed me considering it was a 2.5 hour movie. He got his little foot stuck in his chair at one point. Who knew those movie seats liked to eat little kids! I think he enjoyed the popcorn the most. :popcorn

Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting up early to hide the kiddo’s ostara basket. I thought that was the easter bunny’s job… :bunny

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  • You are just so silly with your little doo-dads. πŸ™‚

  • Hi, sis, always good to hear more about Baby Boo. I think you threw in the popcorn comment so you could include the munching emoticon, hee. I”m glad you got off early on Friday; I left around 2:00 as well although nobody “sent” me home–I’d just made my billable quota for the week. I hope the Christmas photos CD and Ronan’s movie arrived okay. P.S. What’s an “ostara” basket?

    • Ostara is the pagan version of easter. It’s celebration of the spring equinox. It just so happens that the Christian Easter happens to fall near the spring equinox this year. Usually they’re a couple weeks apart.

      The tradition of finding eggs for easter is actually a pagan tradition. Eggs represent new life about to emerge. πŸ™‚

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