A geek geek here and a geek geek there…

Best Buy had 250Gb USB drives on sale for $50 off. I’ve been wanting one so I can back up my laptop so I picked one up during lunch. Once it’s done backing up my 80gbs of 1’s & 0’s, I can finally install Leopard on my iBook. Yay! :badcomputer

D. & I had our Tuesday evening out. Grandma came over to babysit (she’s taken over for my sister whose taking a needed reprieve during the winter season). Apparently my little one is entranced with “Go Diego Go”. Grandma said he was so enthralled with his new Diego video that he barely spoke to her. Guess it made for a quite evening. D. and I went to a local tapas restaurant and enjoyed a tasty meal :yum , followed by some relax time at a local coffee shop (with WiFi, of course). :java It was a nice evening out with da hubby. :cuddle

On a side note, there seems to be some confusion as to what exactly is wrong with D. He’s having pain that starts in his back, and traverses down his right hip all the way into his right leg to just above his ankle. :pout It’s basically sciatic pain stemming from some problem in his back or hip, but we really don’t know exactly what’s causing the pain. It hurts the worst when he goes from sitting to standing, and vice versa. His MRI showed a couple degenerating discs in his lower back, but the Dr.’s can’t be 100% sure that’s what’s causing it. He’s currently in physical therapy 2x/week and his doing stretching and strengthening exercises for his back to see if that helps. Hope that clears things up.

Time to feed my the :kitty2 ‘s and hit the hay. :sleep2

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