Did hell freeze over?

Two entries from me in 2 days, will miracles never cease to happen! 😉

I spent most of the day cleaning house, since it was in such desperate need of it.  It looks much better now, wish it would last…

Can I just sleep through the next week?  Several days of sleep just sounds sooooo good right now.   I’ve been having funky dreams too.  At least I know I’m getting some REMs in there.  I had some weirdness this morning when I was getting Ronan dressed.  It was like  my brain “fell asleep” for a few moments.  It was the weirdest sensation.  It was like I was there, changing Ronan’s diaper, then for a couple seconds I was just gone, then I was back.  Maybe I was abducted  by aliens. 😉  I guess it’s close to what one would consider a blackout, except I didn’t fall or feel weak.  There were no after affects, other than wondering what the heck just happened.   It hasn’t happened again.  *shrug*  My body is just weird…

I think Ronan is coming down with yet another cold.  He had a slight fever before going to bed, and occasionally I hear him coughing in his sleep.  My poor kid, can’t we just be healthy for a while?  Is that so much to ask? 🙁

Bleh… is it summer yet?

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