I dunno if it’s because I’ve been so sick this winter or what, but I feel like all the life has been sucked out of me.  All I wanna do is sleep, and when I do sleep, I don’t wake up rested.    D. says I’ve been coughing in my sleep and snoring really loud lately.  Guess the remnants of my last cold are reeking havoc with me at night.   Ronan and I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon.  Is it summer yet?

Seems strange that tonight is daylight savings when there’s still a foot of snow on the ground.  Guess it’s gonna be dark when we get up in the morning again.  I was kinda liking the light when I got up for work.  Stupid Bush…

Regardless of the fact that he has parents that aren’t remotely into sports of any kind, Ronan has taken an interest in basketball.  He would take his nerf footballs and through them at things pretending he’s “shoot acket-ball”.  I decided to make him a makeshift hoop with a paper bag with the bottom cut out, and he LOVED it.  All he wanted to do was shoot acket-ball.  So D. went out this week and bought him a real basketball hoop (kid sized).   Now our little man is a acket-ball fiend.   At least it keeps him entertained and got him to stop throwing balls at our entertainment center. 🙂

The Sears repair guy came today to look at our new fridge.  The water dispenser was moving really slow, regardless of our efforts to unkink hoses.  The repair guy found a piece of hose that was kinked up inside the fridge.  He replaced it, and now we have nice, fast, cold running water our of our fridge. 🙂  I’m soooo loving the ice maker.  It’s so nice to have ice whenever I want!

We were supposed to be in the Dells this weekend, but we decided to reschedule after I realized I had a concert to play in on Friday night. :-\  D.’s hip is still feeling pretty bad as well, so he wants to give it more time to potentially heal (I say potentially since no one really knows what’s wrong with it).   We’ve rescheduled for the first weekend in April.

The new job is going well.  The other new guy and I have been kinda thrown into the fire this week.  Our boss (the only person that really knows the network) is in the Philippines for 2 weeks.  He’s 14 hours ahead of us, which makes it difficult to communicate back and forth.   It’s been fun though.  I’ve been learning new things, and it’s still not even close to as stressful as my last job.

That’s enough babble for now.  I think I’m off to make some popcorn… 🙂

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  • Sure hope you feel better soon, sis; you should go see a doctor if you don’t. Thanksk for the update on the Frampton family, especially little Boo!

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