Ahhhhh CHOOO!

I swear, this has got to be the worst season for viruses that I’ve ever lived through.  I don’t think my entire family has been healthy at the same time for the last 2 months.  Ronan is just recovering from a double ear infection.  Good thing I haven’t been working this week cuz he was home with me most the time.  Then, of course I now have the bug that he had.  I think my face is going to explode…  D. hasn’t been feeling well either.   Is it summer yet?

Speaking of working, I have found myself a new job.  I start on the 28th, doing pretty much the same thing I was doing, except on the enterprise side instead of carrier.  It’s a small company (700 people total between 4 offices), and privately owned.  I’m looking forward to working in a small team environment again, and they’re paying me more than my last job, woohoo!

D. and I are considering a trip to Ireland and possibly Scotland in the fall.  I’ve never been across the pond, so that will be a new one for me. 🙂  I think D. is afraid if we don’t get over there soon that we never will.  Understandable when ya have kidlets.  Nothing has been scheduled yet, still not sure if I can get time off with the new job.  But it’s a definite possibility! 😀

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  • Hope you guys make it over to Alba and Ierne, you both definately deserve (dare I say need?) a vacation!

    Congrats on the job…. is the the one where you will be commuting, or is it local?

  • Oh yeah, we need a vacation 😉

    The job is local, out of Neenah. 🙂

  • Hope all is well soon with you and D. and Ronan… Hurray on the new job – – and hurray that it’s local!

  • So sorry to hear you all haven’t been feeling well, especially little boo boy; hope you get the cycle over with soon. Hope you get to go to Ireland and Scotland as well; that would be fun for both of you. Glad to hear the new job pays well and hope you like your new team. Think of you and your nice family often.

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