Yay New Year!

I’m fully ready to move on to a new year.  2007 was not a good year for multiple reasons.  But I have hope that 2008 will yield some good things.  Doors have been opened, we’ll see where they go…

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last day at Charter, although it doesn’t feel like it with all the hustle & bustle of the holidays.  As much as I love spending time with my family, I’m ready for some down time.  Down time for me means tackling projects at home that I have been neglected for weeks to years and job hunting.  D. actually made a good dent on getting the office organized.   It’s gonna be weird being home alone tomorrow and have the day to do stuff around the house.   But at the same time I’m sure I’ll love it. 😉

D. & I took Ronan to Grandma’s for NYE and had ourselves a night on the town.  We walked to downtown Appleton and did a bit of bar hopping.  I must say it was VERY nice being able to stop in any bar and not choke on cigarette smoke.  We worked our way down the strip and ended up at Sirocco’s, a local Tapas restaurant.  They have very yummy sangria, of which we downed a pitcher.  We had free champagne and noise makers at midnight, an interesting walk home and lots of fun once we got there.  It was a good beginning to the new year 🙂

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  • Yay! Sounds like a good times. Did you get the package I sent to you? I hope James sent it Priority. I haven’t heard from anyone I sent things to yet, so I’m thinking he sent it regular mail 🙁 Anyways, glad to hear you guys had a good New Year’s, and hope this year will be awesome for everyone in the Framption household!

  • Yeah, I got your package. I sent you an email to your yahoo account last week. Thank you so much, I love it, even wore it for New Years 🙂

  • Jooooelie! Remember me 🙂 Just want to say hey!

  • For me, any year with a cute little Ronan in it is gonna be a good year, but I hope next year is better for other reasons as well. Glas your New Year’s was fun;I like sangria too!

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