I know, I know…

Long time no post, blah blah blah… 🙂

Things have been rather stressful here in the last month or so. Between my job and D.’s, we’re struggling to keep it together. Both jobs are running us ragged, and it’s getting very difficult to make sure all the family bases are covered. D. was out of town 2 weeks ago, and leaves for at least another week on Sunday. Then he’ll be gone again for another 2 weeks the end of October. My job just wants me to work all the time. It’s nuts…

There’s more going on, but I won’t get into all of it now. There’s no point unless something actually comes of any of it. I’ll let ya know if things change. 🙂

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  • Holy cow! That’s awful you guys 🙁 We’ve been pretty stressed out here too… seems to just be in the air these days. Will D be around for a visit the weekend of Oct. 8th or is life just too hectic for visitors these days?

  • Yeah, unfortunately it’s not a good weekend. I’ve got family in town, we’re not sure if D. will be around or not if work decides to keep him up in Marquette for another week, and it’s our anniversary that weekend (nice, huh?).

    At this point, D. could be out of town at any time from now until mid November. I think he’s only gonna be home for a week, maybe two in that time frame. Bleh… 🙁

  • Life at NSG was indeed a lot of hours. I think it is the industry as a whole though because I’m busting my hump here in WV too. The difference is that here I don’t have a quality team of co-workers to rely on if I have questions or need a hand. I miss you guys!

    I hope things smooth out for you and calm down. Moving into network lockdown… which probably only means that the documentation projects will heat up. :-/

    All the best,


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