Long time no post…

Yeah, I admit, I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood for quite some time. There’s been many happenings here and there over the last couple months. However, due to the fact that it’s 3:43am and I’m blogging because I can’t sleep, my brain hasn’t enough power to recall everything, so I will just give some highlights.

In May, we did our annual trek to Circle Sanctuary for Beltane the beginning of the month. I hafta say this was one of the more enjoyable Beltane’s I’ve spent at Circle. The weather was comfortable, and even stayed in the upper 40’s/lower 50’s at night, so sleep was quite comfortable. We opted to have Ronan stay at Grandma’s for the event, seeing that we haven’t taken him camping as of yet, so there was some question on how he would do in that situation. We got to see Dave again, which is always a wonderful thing, as well as a few others we haven’t seen in a while. I got to strut my stuff on Friday evening while belting away on the karaoke stage. Quite fun! On the way home we stopped in Madison to have lunch with Dawn & James. We took a little photo op at the Capitol which provided more opportunities to play with our new camera (a Nikon D80). Someday I’ll need to learn how to run that thing… 🙂

Ronan started getting his molars about the middle of May, and I don’t think he slept through the night more than 8 nights for the next 6 weeks. Poor little guy (and poor Mommy!). 🙁 He started part-time daycare at the local YMCA and so far he loves it there. He gets to do lots of running around (even on rainy days, a perk of being in a facility with a number of gyms), and he comes home quite tired from his adventures. We’ve been very happy with the place and people!

Of course, you would hope this would be the end of our daycare woes, but alas it’s not to be so. Shortly after Ronan started his new daycare, poor Grandma suddenly developed knee problems. The doctor claimed arthritis and her options are more or less to “deal with it”. However, it’s now spreading to her hips and arms, which leads us to believe there’s more to it. She’s heading back to the Dr. this week since she can barely get around, poor Grandma. 🙁 But unfortunately, this sad development has prevented Grandma from being able to continue to watch Ronan her usual 2-3 days/week. So, once again, we’re on the mad scramble for daycare. We have him on the waiting list to get into his new daycare full time. However at this point in time, the earliest they can make the change to full time is in February 2008. I’m really starting to think we’re cursed when it comes to daycare…

Our little guy is talking up a storm, becoming that little parrot that many little ones become when they start speaking. He doesn’t always get the context of what he’s saying, but it never ceases to amaze me how much he understands when we talk. I’m always telling him what a little smarty-pants he is. 🙂

I can’t think of anything else substantial that’s occurred in the last couple months. Work continues to bury us with little hope of relief. However I’ve reached a point where all I can do is continue to do my job the best I can with what I’ve got to work with, and if my company doesn’t think it’s enough, then they can make their own decisions regarding my employment. It’s just too stressful to deal with the workload AND to constantly live in fear of being fired for an inability (and lack of desire) to work 80 hour day and night work weeks until the end of time, so I’ll will focus on one rather than the other.

In the coming weeks I’ll be taking a trip to CA for Cisco’s big Networkers conference, where I’ll hopefully be getting my CCNA renewed and get to partake in the usual big business conference splendor. I’m also hoping to get the chance to spend a little time with my nephew, whom lives in the area. 🙂

That’s pretty much it for now. Hopefully it’s not another 2 months until a blog again, but please no one hold their breath… 😉

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