Poor kitty :(

Well, the vet couldn’t find anything in Whiskey’s blood work that would cause him to have a seizure, so chances are there’s something wrong with his brain. 🙁

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  • Give him lots of kisses and keep telling him how much you love him. Keep the box of tissues handy for yourself because you’re gonna need ’em…. Give him a kiss from Auntie Lynn. Tell him that Tybalt and his cousin JC are waiting to give him grief up in heaven, so he won’t be alone when he goes. Just tell him not to try and bite God because I don’t think God would like that much:) *tears up* You’ve been a wonderful and patient mommy with him. Not a lot of people would have put up with the *chomp*ing part of his personality. But you know him for what he really is. Take one of your nicest pictures of him from your puter and print it out or whatever and put it into a really nice frame and put it somewhere where you can always see him. Give him a nice blankie to lie on if he wants and make him as comfortable as possible and like I said at the beginning, smooch him a lot (even if he gives you dirty looks) 🙂 We all have to go.. we’re at that stage in life where we start losing those we love… Want some of my Xanax? It helps…

  • Don’t give up on him just yet … kitties with kidney disease can live for several years. The seizure is a bit more concerning, but I’m sure they discussed the possibility that with his kidneys not working right, the toxins trapped in his system could have also caused the seizure. Kinda why people with bad kidneys need dialysis (sp?).

    The more fluids you can get into him the better. Daily subcutaneous fluids would be best, though not everyone has the strength to administer them on their own, and it’s costly to visit the vet daily. But the fluids and IV alone are pretty cheap … I could get you a couple of bags and IV lines and needles for about $30.00, which would last several weeks. Ask your vet if they feel it would be beneficial.

  • So sorry to hear about Whiskey’s troubles! We went through a similar thing with Nimue: She had what we suspect was a major seizure overnight a while back, we found her sleeping on a piddle-soaked chair the next morning so I rushed her to the vet. They ran heaps of tests, found nothing. Since then she’s been in her own room but fortunately doesn’t seem to have had a relapse. I hope it was a one-time thing for him; best wishes for healthy kitty!

  • That was me above…sorry for the anonymousness. 🙂 I’m sure Whiskey-iskers has a long time to go.

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