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  • They’re very cute, except the word “it’s” should be “its” (if you have the option to fix spelling and it’s not a program you can’t edit.)


  • Hi there Joelie! Long time no chat! I am on a little search to find some old users from the days of PinWHeeLs… Thought maybe you could help. Have you heard from Wendy or Butterpecan lately? Do you know where I could find them? Glad to hear all is well with you, I miss the old days!

  • Hi Chip 🙂

    Afraid I don’t have much contact with folks from talkerland. BP disappeared off the talkers years ago, and I’m not sure I remember Wendy. 🙂 There may be a few folks that still hang around Glantri’s ( 2200).

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  • So we got to see Daniel McFaniel 2% of his trip down here, and the Prisks got him the other 98%. Something is wrong with that picture:)

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