Murphy strikes again…

D. had a very bad electrical day today… This morning a bottle of water exploded in his work bag, drowning both his cellphone and his new iPod Nano (RIP). So, one bottle of water took out about $400 in electrical equipment in one day. Bleh!

We do have insurance on the cellphone, but we would have to send it away for repair and wait for it’s return. Unfortunately, now is NOT a good time for D. to be without a cellphone, so we decided to get him a new one. Sooo, in order to get the sales price on a new phone, we had to renew our contract. So we figured while we were at it, we’d get me a new phone too. I now have a Motorola Razr. 🙂

We’ll send in his iPod to Apple to see if it can be repaired relatively inexpensively. If not, then I guess we’ll be sharing my older iPod. Not a big deal really, it works just fine. Bummer his new one went poof though. 🙁

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