Pre-partum depression?

My kid has the hiccups…

Anyway, I’m really starting to have a hard time coping with the constant depression I’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks. It doesn’t really surprise me that I would feel this way, considering the pill always gave me depression too. At least I don’t feel suicidal or anything nasty like that. But the incessent crying, paranoia and bad dreams are wearing me out. 🙁 I guess I’ll hafta mention it at my appointment next week. I wouldn’t wanna start any drugs (and I doubt there’s any I could start safely while still being preggers anyway), but maybe they have some suggestions on how to relax and let go of some of this crap. Bleh…

On a happier note, our downstairs bathroom is closer to done. We’ve got walls with primer on them, ready for painting. 🙂 D. even said I could pick whichever colors I want for the bathroom, which means he must be feeling really pretty sorry for me about now. 😉 Hopefully we’ll be able to get the tile up this weekend so by next week we can start using our bathroom again. That would be SO nice…

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  • Eat more chocolate, little sis. It’s got all those nice chemicals in there that are supposed to make you feel better.

    Hormones suck. I know.


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