Mid-holiday construction?

Now that Xmas has passed, we’re now on to phase 3 of our construction, the downstairs bathroom. There’s guys downstairs as I type ripping out walls and junk. I’m confined to the bedroom along with the kitties for pretty much the whole week. Yay…

Xmas was good, lots of time and fun with family was had. Yup, and I’m another year older. So I’m, what, 29? 😉

Jack had to goto the vet yesterday for a bad tooth. It was dangling out of his mouth this morning, poor baby. When the vet went to look at it, it fell out. He’s on antibiotics now, just in case it’s infected. He’s such a good boy at the vet, they didn’t wanna give him back! I told them that they’re lucky it wasn’t Whiskey. Whiskey eats vets.

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