What’s happening to this country??

I now know 5 different people in completely different areas of the country that have been robbed, either in their homes or out of their cars, in the last 3 months. One of my friends was also attacked with a knife in her home (she walked in on the burglar) and received 225 stitches in her leg. This doesn’t include my husband having his iPod and iTrip stolen off his desk at work. What the hell is going on?? Are people really THAT destitute that they’re out stealing to survive? Or are people in this country just so greedy and/or under so much pressure to produce for Xmas that they’re resorting to a life of crime? And why the hell can’t the cops find any of these people? Sheesh!

I’m seriously considering a security system in our house. Fortunately my car already has an alarm system. My heart goes out to those of you that have been victims of this sad growing change in our society. *hugs*

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