Let it snow, and snow and snow…

We’re getting buried out there pretty good today. I’d say so far there’s a good 5 inches already on the ground, and it’s supposed to snow heavy till after midnight!

Speaking of snow, where there’s snow, there’s snow removal. For the last few years, I’ve always done all the snow shoveling (D. I think has done it once or twice). I’ve made requests for a snow blower many times, but D. always nixed the idea because 1) he didn’t think shoveling snow was all that hard, and 2) he didn’t want to buy a low end model because he’d been told by people that they weren’t worth the money, and we couldn’t afford anything decent. Soooo, this is the first major snowfall of the year. Now that I’m preggers, I simply can’t shovel snow, which means D. will have to do it. Guess what he’s going to pick up after work tonight? You guessed it, a lower end snow blower. Can I shoot him? Maybe I should wait until after he brings home the snow blower…

We’re made more progress on our construction fun. D. got the sink and potty installed upstairs, so all that’s needed up there now is some paint patch work, the woodwork, and putting up the mirror that came with the sink. We have a usable bathroom again, yay!

I patched up the paint in the baby’s room. There’s just one small spot that I missed, which will take a second to paint (and 5 minutes to clean the brush out afterwards). Then it’s carpet time! We’re going to take a trip to a local carpet store to see what they have for carpeting and tiles (we will be putting tile in the bathroom downstairs when that gets ripped apart. That’s phrase 2 of our construction plan). I hope we can find something soon and hopefully have it installed before Xmas. That would be nice! 🙂

We also bought furniture for the baby’s room. We don’t have it yet, so we can’t show any pictures, but you can see what we’re getting here. We got the crib (that also turns into a toddler and full size bed) and the Combo & Hutch in sunset. 🙂 The store we got this stuff from has a lifetime guarantee and free layaway. Glad we don’t hafta have that stuff lying around here until the carpet goes in. There’s no room anywhere!

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