I’m not really that cruel…

OK, so I wouldn’t really put a noise maker outside the doggie’s kennel. It’s not the doggies’ fault they have assholes for owners. My hope was it would annoy them enough to keep them from going in the kennel. Truth is they’d probably go in (or be forced in) and just be tortured. I’m not that cruel 😛

Our driveway and patio construction is about half done. The weather has been rather unpredictable, as well as the construction of the driveway itself. It appears our driveway was on top of 2-3 other driveways. There was about 10″ of concrete and asphalt in there! It’ll be nice when it’s done though. The patio is done and looks quite nice 🙂 D. folks bought us a outdoor table & chair set. The table has a fire pit in the middle of it. Can’t wait to have friends over, sit around a nice fire, drink some wine, and just relax and have fun 🙂

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