Last night Dale was reading an article (I think from the site) talking about unplanned pregnancy. It mentioned that women of birthing age that don’t use any kind of birth control have an 85% chance of becoming pregnant. Well, in the pregnancy book I just read it said that couples that are trying to get preggers only have a 20% chance of success, and that’s with following certain rules. So what’s up with that?? 🙂

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  • dinov123:
    I forget where exactly we got the numbers to do this, but in my Probability course we determined that without knowing any other information (like where in your cycle you are, etc.) there is an 11% chance you’ll get pregnant every time you have unprotected sex.

  • jadzia:
    Ah the joys of trying to work out how big a chance one has of getting pregnant, etc… At times, I don’t think that even the “experts” know… Plus, to me, the 85% bit sounds wrong… Though that just may be my personal experience talking lol

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