Ya know, I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but the internet is getting boring… only things I have any interest in are LJ and a few friend websites that I peer at occasionally (mainly because they only update them occasionally). I don’t even go to the talkers anymore since most everyone I care to talk to is either on LJ or IM.

Speaking of websites, my nephew has a blog that he keeps and I made the mistake of sending my mom there to read it. Little did I know he would start ranting about his lack of sex and give graphic details about the state of his naughty bits. Grandma just about had a stroke!

I’ve been having lots of health problems lately, all girly related, which have now lead me to a second round of antibiotics. Generally this leads to other not-so-fun stuff which I will need to get rid of when the drugs are done. I won’t go into details, just thinking about it makes me sore…

On Saturday I played in my first instrumental performance in over 15 years. It went quite well, except my horn passed a stone… or rather a piece of styrofoam that popped out of my 1st valve. It’s been playing like it’s been clogged for weeks, and was about to take it to Mr. Repair Person. It was nice of it to pass it’s anomoly before it cost me $$$. Now it’s like having a new horn 🙂

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  • dinov123:
    The internet sucks. Even the porn isn’t that good any more. Bah, I miss the old days when the internet was just getting popular and new and exciting things were popping online all the time …

  • garden_pixie:
    I hope that your antibiotics help you! I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well… I just about spewed when I read the part about your styrofoam projectile!

  • calysto:
    Don’t you blaspheme the internet! 🙂 rofl @ the nephew blog and grandma Hope you feel better soon. 🙁 Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. And anytime you have a clogged horn… BLOW HARDER! heh heh heh

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