Turkey Day comes to a close…

Well, found out why my turkey wouldn’t cook. There were two reasons actually, 1) the stuffing made it take longer ( Elisa pegged it, she should get her own cooking show on the Food Network 😉 ), and 2) apparently the neck and giblets come in TWO plastic bags, not just one. So the giblet bag was still in the turkey. But regardless, the bird did eventually cook enough to eat, and it was actually rather good, quite juicy 🙂 Now I’ve got enough leftovers to last about 2 years. Turkey anyone?

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  • jlygrnmigt:
    I cannot take credit for the things i have learned from food geek Alton Brown. Dino and I say to look for his books! I’ve used them as reference books, but Rick has actually read them cover to cover. I’m glad it turned out ok, but I think i know what happened with the giblets. The turkey my uncle bought didn’t have a bag at all. He swore he looked for 15 minutes but I never saw anything suspicious when I was tearing it up to take home. So I think you got our bag too 🙂

  • dinov123:
    You must purchase an AB book. And you must start watching good eats. You’ll be hooked! While you’re waiting for it to come on (FoodTV, M-F, 7PM!) why not check out his webpage!

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