Hmm, I think our turkey is trying to be immortal, cuz it doesn’t seem to want to cook… For a 13 lb stuffed turkey, we’re now going on hour 6. The recipe said it should take 3 1/2 – 4 hours at 325…

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  • jlygrnmigt:
    omg woman don’t you watch food network? stuffing is the devil. it takes longer to cook which is 1. inconvenient, 2. keeps birdie in the danger zone too long so bacteria can grow and 3. dries the heck outta the bird. hope you had an awesome thanksgiving 🙂

    • dinov123:
      I sense another Alton Brown fan here …

      • jlygrnmigt:
        I’ve been watching the food network all week 🙂 well, longer really, but intensely while leading up to my favorite holiday. Unfortunately I was greeted at my uncle’s house by a turkey roasting inside a plastic bag drowning in juice. My uncle was so freaked about the possibility of undercooked poultry that he wouldn’t take it out until the thermometer read 182. My cheese ball was a total hit though. I didn’t bother telling anyone that the craisins in it were from the same package I used in last year’s cheese ball 🙂 I wonder if food network has made my life better or worse. I was a food snob before and all, but man, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten worse.

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